June 19th, 2008

Icons: Heroes, Prison Break, Music

Take, comment, credit, la la la!

These are all randoms from a little icon making craze I was on recently. I have about a billion leftover Lost icons too but I didn't want LJ to explode so I'll leave them to another day. And anyway, I'm kind of tired with Lost. I can't see three random characters grouped together on TV without going zomg unexpected love triangle! and it's having an averse effect on my metal health. I'm haunted by triangles.
If anyone has a link to really good Prison Break caps that would be appreciated because these ones were dark. I mean seriously, half of the time I was like, oh yeah a nice cap of Sucre, oh no that's Lincoln!

20 - Heroes (S1)
15 - Prison Break (S1)
55 - Various Music (Beth Ditto of Gossip 36-41, The Arcade Fire 42-46, New Young Pony Club 47-52, Lykke Li 53-57, M.I.A. 58-67 and 72, Santogold 67-72, Crystal Castles 73-77, The Ting Tings 78-83, Bat For Lashes 84-90)

Teasers: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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