November 10th, 2008

Icons: 15 Prison Break, 20 The Office (US) and 25 Heroes

I really should have posted these Heroes icons last week but I had a major essay and couldn't find the time. Of course I have an essay due this week as well but when I was supposed to be working, I watched s5 of the Office, and well there was no longer any point in labouring under the delusion I was actually going to get anything done. So icons!

Take, comment, credit, friend, whatever floats your boat.
But comments are especially loved by this rabid fangirl. ;D

15 - Prison Break
20 - The Office
25 - Heroes

Collapse )EDIT: Anyone who is a fan of Heroes, I'd totally like you're opinion on this post. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Answers on a postcard please! Or in the comments section. Whatever. :P