pilot (pilot101) wrote,

Erm, very random, I just logged in to LJ, and I saw three really random comments by three different people in three different posts on my LJ, that had nothing to do with the post or the comments or anything.

Young "Years ago, a father name MacKenzie Phillips took his children camping and lost one of them to a man who has kidnapped and killed others.


Here's the link and thank you again for all those that left me comments and support. . I sooooo look forward to reading them

Erm, okay, who are you? What link? Comments about what?

Report this comment Alex is one of the house i8ve hated to sense ive watch big brother. She made mohamed cry

Report what comment? And although this was posted in an icon post that actually had something to do with Big Brother it's still random and out of context.

Is this just me, and I'm attracting weirdos or is LJ glitching?


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