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I was thinking about Heroes today and usually I embrace the random and he crazy but for once it actually made me kinda mad.

But I needed to vent, and not even in that fun snarky way.

I'm pissed off with how this season has dealt with Sylar and Peter. Two of my favourite characters.

They've totally fucucked (it's not a swear word you see!) with both characters.

Firstly Peter: The fact that he had all those powers and that he was the most powerful one was brilliant because it was contrasted with his previous kinda pathetic emo existence, where he was the overlooked son that was treated like a big overgrown gorgeous baby. And I don't know why the writers have decided to revery him back to what he was pre powers. Plus he's one of the characters who seems to genuinely like having abilities, well you know, when he's not angsting about nuking whole cities and stuff. Is it supposed to be character development? Because they totally cared about that a few episodes earlier when Peter went into finger pointy head slicey mode on his dear old mummy. Oh but of course that realates to my second point:



And I'm pretty sure this is how the conversation went in the writers room.

Writer 1: Oh erm so, that Zach guy he's kinda cool right? And Sylar he's a pretty popular character right?

Writer 2: Yeah it's too bad we've written him as an unredeemable psychotic killer who would like nothing more than to slice open the heads of most of our Heroes.

Writer 1: A real shame. Hmmmm. You know what we could do? We could pretend that his psychotic tendancies are a result of like this HUNGER so he has to you know, open heads and look at brains and erm yeah...we could just call it THE HUNGER and yeah, well that's about it.

Writer 2: Oh totally, that idea is FTW! Won't our audience kind of notice this complete rewriting of history though?

Writer 1: No. It's not like they're obsessives who sit and write fanfic and make icons and rant about our imaginary conversations or anything? Plus, we'll get Milo to take his shirt off again. That'll distract the hell out of them.

Writer 2: Totally! But maybe that won't be quite sympathetic enough. I mean couldn't he just ignore the HUNGER that doesn't exist and we've just made up?

Writer 1: Erm yeah maybe. Okay, right how about we get Peter to get the HUNGER by pretending that Peter needs Sylar's power to save the world and then promptly forgetting about that whole idea. Because you know it'll show even the nicest most kind hearted character cannot defeat the HUNGER.

Writer 2: Yeah and how about we show that actually he was like totally remorseful! He tries to kill himself. Nothing brings the awwws like a good failed suicide attempt.

Writer 1: Yeah and maybe we can then blame his whole killing thing on a love interest. She makes him jealous and bam he falls off the wagon, back to the ol' killin' sprees. So it's not his fault really. She basically made him do it! The pie she baked was just not scrumdidllyumptious enough! Not when the HUNGER kicks in and he is needing of the brains. She should have baked brain pie! Damn her and her inadequate pies!

Writer 2: Yeah! And now we're on a roll, let's make Sylar into a Petrelli!

Writer 1: Well why the fuck not!!

Plus did anyone else notice the fact that during the complete reworking of Sylar's backstory, they had Elle just recently push him over the edge, which was not very hard to do by the way, shoddy Petersupplement emo barely had to do anything. Exploding glasses? I mean whatever man. Buy an air rifle. And then a second later HRG got into the minicab with not-yet-spider-Mo. Wasn't Mo's dad dead by then? Wasn't that the reason Mo was in the Big Apple? So when did Sylar find the time to kill Papa Suresh then? Because that clip seemed to be missing from his artistic flashback of remorse. And I'm assuming while he was awaiting on getting a slice of Elle's pie, he wasn't out killing Papa S?

And oh yeah,

WAS IT THE FRICKIN' HUNGER THAT MADE SYLAR KILL SURESH? Or was it just his big juicy scientific brain? I forget!

Well anyway, I have an essay to write.

I'm not sure when or if I'll be making of the icons for this episode. I'm pretty peeved. I mean this show can usually do pretty much anything and I'm like 'oh lulz, *pets silly show* but right now I'm actually kinda pissed.


Tags: rant: heroes

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